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School leadership and social justice: Evidence from Ghana and Tanzania

January 2011

R. Bosu, A. Dare, H. Dachi, M. Fertig

International Journal of Educational Development 31 (1), pp. 67-77. doi:10.1016/j.ijedudev.2010.05.008

School level initiatives to improve education quality for disadvantaged learners (539.3 kB)

November 2010

George Oduro and Mike Fertig

This presentation discusses measures that can be taken at a school level to enhance the quality of education provided. It looks at case studies and examples to show the importance of capacity building and community involvement to education at the local level.

Primary School Leadership for Education Quality (1.2 MB)

November 2010

George Oduro and Mike Fertig

This presentation looks at work carried out through an action research methodology that shows how an enhanced leadership role for headteachers can dramatically improve school and education quality.

PB 6: Primary School Leadership for Quality Improvement in Ghana and Tanzania. (696.4 kB)

November 2010

Dr Hillary Dachi and Dr George Aduro.

This policy brief looks at findings from Tanzania and Ghana and draws their conclusions together. The brief recognises the role of action research in allowing headteachers to improve primary schools.

PB 5: Leadership and Management of Change for Quality Improvement - Ghana (481.2 kB)

October 2010

Dr. George K.T. Oduro and Dr. Rosemary Bosu.

This policy brief cites survey data to suggest that head teachers in Ghana see themselves more as administrators rather than those responsible for change. The brief recommends that head teachers should be encouraged to act as leaders and evaluators in order to increase efficiency and make the promotion of learning the pivotal point of school activity.

PB 4: Primary School Leadership for Education Quality in Tanzania (592.9 kB)

October 2010

Dr. Hillary Dachi, with input from the Leadership and Management project team

This policy brief suggests that the role of head teachers is key to improving the quality of education for the most disadvantaged. It assesses the increasingly decentralised nature of education and recommends that local quality improvement initiatives as well as staff training can bring the most out of school leaders.

WP 21: Leadership and management of change for quality improvement: baseline study in selected districts of Tanzania mainland (1.2 MB)

January 2010

Hillary A. Dachi, Ndibalema R. Alphonce, with George Kahangwa, Raymond Boniface, Mislay Moshi

This working paper presents a baseline study of what public primary schools’ head teachers consider as the role of school leadership and management in improving quality, using quantitative and qualitative data collected through questionnaires within EdQual's Leadership and Management of Change project.

WP 17: School leadership and social justice: evidence from Ghana and Tanzania (763.9 kB)

September 2009

R.Bosu, A.Dare, H.A.Dachi, M.Fertig

This working paper focuses on notions of ‘social justice’ in an African educational context, reporting on a small-scale research project with primary headteachers in Ghana and Tanzania engaging with Action Research to bring about changes they feel will benefit pupil learning, detailing positive impacts arising from this.

The missing ingredient: Headteacher leadership development in Sub-Saharan Africa

April 2009

George Oduro

Paper included in conference book for the event Commonwealth Educational Cooperation: Looking Ahead at 50, University of Oxford. 31 March-1 April 2009. Not available online.

Ghana News Issue 2: The Headteacher as Action Researcher: a tool for quality education (79.6 kB)

September 2008

This issue of the newsletter produced by our partners in Ghana reports on a three-day workshop organised by EdQual (Ghana) at the Sasakawa center, University of Cape Coast, which aimed at equipping headteachers with skills to enhance learning outcomes through action research and school self-evaluation.

Ghana News Issue 1: Achieving Quality in Education: The Voices of Primary Heads (86.5 kB)

November 2007

This issue of the newsletter produced by our partners in Ghana reports on the findings from two parallel needs analysis workshops held in Tamale and Cape Coast aimed at exploring voices of heads themselves on their vision, roles, challenges and what quality in education really means to them.

WP 9: Examining educational leadership and quality in developing countries (605.1 kB)

September 2007

George Oduro, Hillary Dachi, Michael Fertig, Jane Rarieya

This working paper examines issues facing primary school leaders in developing countries. It examines how 'educational quality' is delineated, and analyses recent policy initiatives on this in Ghana, Tanzania and Pakistan, discussing their implications for school leaders. It calls for further focused research in this area.

Workshop report: Effective Leadership: the Driving Force of Quality Basic Education (Leadership & Management of Change) (115.7 kB)

March 2007

Report on workshops held concurrently in Tamale and Cape Coast, Ghana, 24-29 March 2007, to understand leadership activities performed by primary school headteachers and how they promote quality education in Ghana.

Workshop report: Headteachers and Ward Education Coordinators Needs Analysis (Leadership & Management of Change) (388.1 kB)

February 2007

Report on a needs analysis workshop with headteachers and ward education coordinators as part of EdQual's Leadership and Management of Change Project. Held on 15–16 February 2007 in Kibaha, Tanzania.

Proposal: Leadership and Management of Change for Quality Improvement (179.6 kB)

October 2006

Proposal for EdQual's Leadership and Management of Change project.