Publications » Language and Literacy

Teaching and learning in two languages in African classrooms

February 2011

John Clegg & Oksana Afitska

Comparative Education 47 (1), pp. 61-77. DOI: 10.1080/03050068.2011.541677

A three-tier citizenship: Can the state in Tanzania guarantee linguistic human rights?

January 2011

Casmir M. Rubagumya, Oksana Afitska, John Clegg, Patrick Kiliku

International Journal of Educational Development. 31 (1), 78-85. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijedudev.2010.06.007

A study of early literacy classroom interaction in rural Tanzania: Cases of Ruvuma and Coast regions

January 2011

Gastor Mapunda

PhD Thesis Abstract. International Journal of Educational Development. 31 (1), P.96. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijedudev.2010.06.002

Accessible textbooks for learning in a European language in Africa (175.2 kB)

November 2010

John Clegg

This presentation discusses the implications of publishing textbooks with a European language of instruction. It argues that textbooks in European languages are often unreadable to African learners.

Language of instruction and quality of learning (186.0 kB)

November 2010

John Clegg

This presentation argues that teachers provide a more effective pedagogy when using their first language (L1). It demonstrates how reading, writing and speaking suffer when lessons are conducted in a second language (L2)

WP 25: Teaching and Learning in two languages in African classrooms. (565.0 kB)

November 2010

John Clegg and Oksana Afitska.

This working paper investigates the practices that emerge in teachers who are trying to provide a bilingual education in the absence of central planning and organisation.

PB 2: Language of Instruction and Quality of Learning in Tanzania and Ghana (366.7 kB)

September 2010

John Clegg, with input from the Language and Literacy Project Team

This policy brief supports arguments to extend quality mother-tongue education and suggests changes to teacher education/ development and textbook readability to address the impact of language of instruction. It draws on EdQual research that shows how the language used in classrooms impacts on teaching strategies.

Thesis abstract - Gastor Mapunda (23.5 kB)

April 2010

Teachers' use of language in teaching mathematics in basic schools in Cape Coast, Ghana. (188.8 kB)

September 2009

Alfred Ampah–Mensah

Presentation at BAAL Conference, Newcastle, September 4.

Language education in Africa: can monolingual policies work in multilingual societies?

February 2009

Casmir Rubagumya

In Jo-Anne Kleifgen and George C. Bond (eds.) The Language of Africa and the Diaspora: Educating for Language Awareness. Bristol and Tonawanda, NY: Multilingual Matters. pp. 48-63.

The politics of language and literacy in Africa: the experience of Tanzania

January 2009

Casmir Rubagumya

In Parry, K (ed) Reading in Africa, Beyond the School. Kampala: Fountain Publishers. pp.11-23.

Thesis abstract - Alfred Ampah Mensah (66.5 kB)

August 2008

PhD Thesis Abstract.

WP 5: A three-tier citizenship: can the state in Tanzania guarantee linguistic human rights? (442.4 kB)

February 2007

Casmir M. Rubagumya

This working paper explores how the concept of linguistic citizenship can be applied to Tanzania in terms of bilingual education delivery and addressing issues of equity, quality education and tackling poverty, and shows how EdQual’s Language and Literacy Project attempts to empower rural communities in this way.

Proposal: Improving Language and Literacy in Low Income Countries for Quality Education (133.2 kB)

October 2006

Proposal for EdQual's Language and Literacy project.

Moving towards Bilingual Education in Africa (80.8 kB)

October 2005

John Clegg

Paper in H.Coleman (ed) 2007. Language and Development: Africa and Beyond: edited proceedings from the 7th International Language and Development Conference, Addis Ababa, 26-28 October 2005.