Publications » Pakistan

Equality or equity: Gender awareness issues in secondary schools in Pakistan

January 2011

Anjum Halai

International Journal of Educational Development 31 (1), pp. 44-49. DOI:10.1016/j.ijedudev.2010.06.012

Exploring Gender Equitable Quality Education (299.3 kB)

November 2010

Jolly Rubagiza and Anjum Halai

This presentation looks at findings from across the EdQual projects and assess the level of gender equality in classrooms. It shows how more work is needed to improve equitable treatment.

Gender and mathematics education in Pakistan: a situation analysis

January 2010

Anjum Halai

Montana Mathematics Enthusiast, vol 17 (1), pp. 47-62

WP 14: Comparative perspectives in creating gender awareness: Stories from Elementary Mathematics Classrooms in Pakistan (555.1 kB)

September 2009

Anjum Halai

This working paper focuses on gender awareness issues as a dimension of addressing education quality in Pakistan from the perspective of social justice. It suggests improvement in curriculum and instruction quality is integral, identifying social justice questions in maths education and making policy and practice recommendations.

WP 12: Teacher Empowerment through collaborative action research: concepts, possibilities and challenges (462.4 kB)

February 2008

Anjum Halai, with Sherwin Rodrigues & Tauseef Akhlaq

This working paper focuses on collaborative action research (CAR) as an approach to teacher empowerment, and issues emerging from experiences with CAR in Pakistan in EdQual’s Implementing Curriculum Change project. Field evidence shows CAR is an ethically and technically sound approach to knowledge generation and change.

WP 9: Examining educational leadership and quality in developing countries (605.1 kB)

September 2007

George Oduro, Hillary Dachi, Michael Fertig, Jane Rarieya

This working paper examines issues facing primary school leaders in developing countries. It examines how 'educational quality' is delineated, and analyses recent policy initiatives on this in Ghana, Tanzania and Pakistan, discussing their implications for school leaders. It calls for further focused research in this area.

WP 6: Implementing Curriculum Change: Literature Reviews; South Africa, Rwanda and Pakistan (979.3 kB)

June 2007

R.Barwell, K.Bishop, S.Erduran, A.Halai, D.Iyamuremye, T.Nyabanyaba, N.F.Rizvi, S.Rodrigues, J.Rubagiza, A.Uworwabayeho

This working paper reviews literature in South Africa, Rwanda and Pakistan on curriculum change, gender equity and poverty alleviation, including: curriculum change for education quality; improving maths & science teaching, learning, and teacher education; improving gender equity; empowering learners, educators & communities.

WP 4: Ethics in qualitative research: issues and challenge (315.1 kB)

November 2006

Anjum Halai

This working paper identifies five key principles of ethical research around consent, confidentiality, anonymity, harm and reciprocity, discussing their application in EdQual’s project Implementing Curriculum Change, and reflecting on issues of power, empowerment and ownership in such participatory action research.